All over the world, in each period of life, the big desire of every human being is to connect a good physical and mental condition with reality and vision.

To become what we want to be, needs, beside luck and support, a lot of patience as well as the trust in exercising.

As a major subject, at our dojo (room of practise) we train Qigong Dancing which is a combination of traditional Qigong, martial arts and dance, in order to combine it with western awareness models. Therefore it will become „living Qigong for all day life“. We also practice Kung Fu, Taiji and Qigong for kids, young people, adults and individuals with handicaps.

We would like to invite you to join our training sessions!
Gertrud Schröder – longping


Healthcare, meditation while moving, continuous extension of physical capabilities, self-experience, self-assertion and self-defense.

The dojo is a place of practice – the internal attitude and the individual posture are related to each other.

The combination of Taiji, Qigong and Kung Fu, supports an inner balance in a natural way.
Qigong Dancing classes and weekly trainings  are to be announced in our schedule.