Vocational training course

Additional qualification Qigong Dancing

The training course is individually developed as an empowerment concept that can be employed in many different areas. Qigong Dancing with THE ENERGY OF THE FOUR ANIMALS can be recommended for various occupational fields as well as providing solutions in many varied critical situations.

Supporting the acquisition of Qigong Dancing are an understanding of the theory and practice of Chinese medicine and martial arts (i.e. Qigong, Taijiquan,Kung Fu) and /or in the area of physical self-awareness and practical competence in conveying training and instruction content.

Nevertheless with intense personal application the training course can be accomplished without previous experience.

Principal Course Instructor: Gertrud Schröder also known as Long Ping

Gertrud Schröder developed Qigong Dancing and is responsible for the course material. She is also the principal of the “Peaceful Dragon” School for Martial Arts and Meditation in Freiburg.

Guest Speakers may be invited to address certain subjects.

Timeframe can be arranged by agreement

Minimum 15 days

The successful completion of the course will be confirmed with a certificate.


  • Basis of Qigong Dancing – Four Element Style
  • Basis of TCM, Qigong exercises
  • Eastern and Western Philosophy
  • History and Development of Martial Arts
  • Relationship between Inner and Outer Composure
  • Confrontation with the Animal Elements Bear, Crane, Tiger, Snake
  • Exercises with Partner relating to the various Animal Elements
  • Free Dancing, Contact with Partner with and without a given Theme
  • Aggression, Destruction – Dealing with Conflicts
  • Personality Requirements of the Companion on the Way
  • Relationship between Teacher and Student
  • Effect and Application of Music
  • Method and Didactic in Teaching
  • Possibilities of Application of Qigong Dancing


Participation in all Seminar Units

Compilation of the Weekend’s Proceedings

Independent Development of Assigned Subjects

Construction of Teaching Units

Development of Individual Concepts

Report of Personal Experience ( at least 10 to 15 machine written pages)

Final examination

Further educational weekend courses are recommended after completing the additional qualification Qigong Dancing.

It is expected that the participants are prepared to intensively study individually and

actively cooperate.

Please request information respecting course costs. At the moment individually arranged upgrade training courses are possible.

Please contact us for information and application.

Additionally individual online monitoring can be arranged.