The Bear

represents grounding, good ground contact; strength, that develops from out of a relaxed positioning. We can experience stability and inner calm. In our everyday life remembering the exercise can help to develop new reactions in stressful situations,  and to gain strength to encounter passive confrontations with more serenity.
Self-assurance can be strengthened to be ready for active confrontation.

Sensorimotor level: Stability
•    Inner attentiveness, introspection
•    discovering resources
•    appreciate and caring for structures
•    develop a relationship with the teacher/ trainer/ therapist
•    create a basis

The Crane

symbolizes start and new beginning. Its upright posture helps to focus on the essential. Strenghtening, openness develops from a stable posture.  The flight of the crane opens “New Horizons” and the overview makes it possible to find new perpectives.

Spiritual level: Openness
•    meaning
•    visions
•    contemplation
•    transcendencet

The Tiger

represents presence, natural authority and sovereignty. He embodies courage, determination and suppleness. Power, danger, aggression, vandalism, effective hunting; lightning the fast shredding claw with his absolute deadly swipe is also an aspect that we can experience in the image of the tiger and learn to accept it as part of ourselves.
It is worth learning to show our power in difficult situations and at the same time stay calm and relaxed. Well tempered wildness and refined Tiger power uses aggression for creative solutions, not for destruction.

Cognitive level: Presence
•    assertiveness, vigour
•    confrontation readiness and – ability
•    accept and strengthen power
•    discussion and processing (precise dismantling) of your experiences
•    clear confrontation

The Snake

represents agility, suppleness and sensualness. By shedding old habits space arises for something new. The joy of sensuality and ones very own attitude to Eros can be reflected.

Emotional level: agility
•    shedding
•    accept and integrate emotions
•    sensualness, enjoyment, sex, eros
•    enjoyment of life
•    integration of experiences

The „fifth element“, the quintessence, results for a healthy, individual mix of the former four elements.


Primeval fears, primary motion and archetypes are saved in our psychological and motor memory. The animal images provide a cautious and also lustful approach to our naturalness and our vital energy.

Yin and Yang

Every animal image includes aspects of yin and yang, light and dark sides. Light and shadow connects to a whole.