With the powerful animals Bear, Crane, Tiger and Snake we can train the complete body on all levels and widen our range and spectrum of action. Personal weaknesses will be transformed into strength.

Animotion is a fitness conception that meets the needs of every person. It is based on the conception “The Energy of the Four Animals” developed by Gertrud Schröder (Long Ping) in the year 2000.

The Fitness-Work-Out is a further development of eastern exercises and movement combined with western methods. The exercises are alternated between slow and fast, gentle and powerful based on the principles of Yin and Yang. The complete body is trained according to the four levels on which the system is founded.

Animotion is a synergy of elements from Fitness Training and Martial Arts



Solid posture is founded in the Middle

The Bear represents Stability and Strength. His movements are powerful and his body is in good contact with the ground.

Well trained abdominal muscles are a prerequisite for developing strength. Strengthening the abdominal and rump muscles together with loosening the shoulder girdle belong together and are essential for targeted power transmission.

Through experiencing powerful movement with good ground contact we learn stability.

A further priority is the discovery of one’s own power resources.


Stretching the Muscles creates Freedom

The Crane represents gentleness and lightness. His movements are elegant and effortless.

Being evenly balanced improves the ability to react. Varying the requirements results in the receptors of the muscles and joints being stimulated and trained.

The lightness of the movements allows us to loosen the inner/outer restriction of the spectrum of action.

A further priority is the awareness of the movement and exercises.


Fortify and Accept individual Strengths

The tiger represents determination and responsiveness. His movements are fast and dynamic.

Selective tensing and relaxing of the muscles results in the explosive development of strength.

The complexity of the movements enables us to school coordination and react with maximum precision.

A further priority is experiencing and developing one’s own power of endurance.


Supple Muscles result in Flexibilit

The Snake pictures suppleness and manoeuvrability. Her movements are pleasurable and full of the love of life.

Supple muscles enable flexibility and expand the manoeuvrability of the complete

movement apparatus. Developing and retaining the muscles’ flexibility creates new areas of mobility.

Something new can be developed by removing old habits.

A further priority is improving the general feeling of well-being.