word meaning:
Qi: vitality, life force

Gong: Development and care of skills, serious and  sustained training  of skillsDancing: Enjoyment of life, joyful communication, highest form of communication, community, the focus is on the process.

Qigong means to care for the energy of life. Its tradition has strong roots in chinese philosophy on which also todays medical care is also based. The excercises have a positive effect on health; in addition they are relaxing. Breathing excercises bring inner peace and stability.  This gives a life balance and an inner tranquility. It can be practiced at all ages.

The tradition and the modern
It is part of chinese tradition, to adjust and develop their excercises to the period.
Also in modern times Taijiquan was fundamentally revised and reformed. Meditation and aspects of health have been put in the foreground. The aspect of selfdefense lost more and more of it‘s importance. The trainingforms were modified to make the training available for a wider population. Also more and more  Eastern and Western concepts where mixed. For example, the influence of Western concepts influenced the forms of modern taiji and its spread as we know it today.

Qigong in the Occident
Since the beginning of the 80‘s Qigong is increasingly used in the context of preventive medicine and Naturopathy in Western countries. Extensive literature has been published. Qigong is also taught in schools, clinics, univeristies, community colleges, private institutions, and even in management seminars.

Qigong Dancing® – Dancing with the energy of life.